What Is the Best Time for GD&T Training?

Colleagues and friends often ask me what the busiest time of the year is for a technical training company. After teaching GD&T full time for nearly 15 years, I can honestly say that there is no specific cycle that shows up regularly.  Of course, training is rarely scheduled at the very end of the year (Christmas holiday, and a busy time in general). But sometimes November and the first part of December are very busy, because a company or department may have to use up budgeted training dollars before the end of the year. And you might think that the summer months are not popular for training, but they usually are, as long as it is scheduled far enough in advance. (I soon discovered that those companies in areas where hunting is popular usually avoid scheduling seminars during those times in the fall when many employees may be perched in a tree!)

This is not to say that every month is busy — like any industry, we feel ups and downs. But from year to year, those ups and downs are rarely in a repeatable pattern. It’s a funny thing; obviously the economy drives much of it. But a slow time in the economy can sometimes be an ideal time to invest in employees’ technical skills: there will always be a need for knowledge in geometric dimensioning and tolerancing. Usually, our calendar gets pretty full at least one or two months in advance. But sometimes there is a window where our instructor is free, and with only a week or two of notice, we can schedule something. So if your company is in need of GD&T training, don’t think there is a bad time to schedule it!

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