3 Reasons for On-Site GD&T Training

Three reasons for on-site GD&T training — Why a hands-on, tailored approach is better for your team…

 1 — An on-site GD&T class can be customized to suit the needs of your group. If they are immersed in GD&T regularly, we can spend less time on the introductory material and jump into the issues that are most relevant to the team. However, the basics cannot be completely avoided, because we need to make sure that everyone is on the same page for the essentials.  But overall, there is more “bang for the buck” when the class is custom-fitted to the GD&T topics that are applicable to your products.

2 — Another advantage to having an on-site class is that your actual prints can be incorporated into the discussion. At a “public” GD&T class we can’t do that because everyone comes from different companies; there are time limitations, and sometimes confidentiality issues of displaying a print for the entire group to see.  But a special on-site class for your team makes the GD&T relate directly to the “real world” because the instructor can help you sort out real tolerancing issues on the spot. A video or web-based course can’t do that.

3 — Contrary to what you might think, the third benefit for a custom on-site GD&T class is a lower cost when compared to a public class — and the class can be scheduled based on your convenience. We price our seminars based on the course length and any travel costs, not the number of participants. So instead of having 15 people go across town (or out of state!) to a seminar at $900 per person, we can do the class in your building for about half of that total. And a flexible schedule can be arranged with the instructor, sometimes even spreading it out if consecutive days are not possible.

While an on-site class is not always ideal (perhaps there are only one or two employees that need the training), the benefits can be noticeable because the theory and the application are integrated together!  Call us or use the “Contact Us” button at the top of this page to learn more about hosting an on-site GD&T seminar.

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