New Standard for GD&T: ASME Y14.5-2009

Well gang, it’s finally here!  The new standard for GD&T has been approved and will be shipping in the next week or two. If you’ve been around GD&T at all, you should be somewhat familiar with the 1994 standard; this new edition of Y14.5 will gradually be taking over as companies make the switch for new designs over the next couple of years.

For those of you that were around when the 1994 standard was released, you may recall that there were many significant changes ranging from tweaking definitions to adding new symbols such as the triangular datum symbol (which was formerly a simple rectangular box).  This time there are similar changes, although most will not be as obvious as the change to the datum symbol was.

We will be offering training in the new standard!  If your company needs a simple update on what’s new, contact us for information about the one-day New Standard class.  If your group would like a regular GD&T class, we can do that (3 days of training) and incorporate the new standard into the class as we teach the basic concepts.

Copies of the new standard can be obtained through the publisher, ASME, at this website.

Of course, remember that the change to the new standard cannot be overnight. It’s good to be familiar with the changes, but it takes time for everyone to get trained in the new standard, update the CAD software to the new symbols, and then slowly integrate the new standard over time (and always, always check the title block or notes for reference to the correct standard that a design is using!).

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