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GD&T Training — On-Site vs. Public Courses

Posted by on Feb 18, 2008 in GD&T Training Options

When investigating training in the topic of geometric tolerancing, one thing you’ll probably notice is the various options for the format of a class.  The two major types are public classes, sometimes referred to as “open enrollment,” and on-site training. There are advantages to each. A public class is ideal for individuals seeking to learn GD&T. Some companies may only have one or two people that need training, and sending them to a public class is a great way to deepen their knowledge (and it’s nice to get a couple of days out of the office).  An on-site class is dedicated to a company or a group within that company. This has two distinct advantages: First, because an on-site is targeted to one group, the instructor is able to customize the presentation. I always invite participants to bring sample drawings to class to help generate discussion and get them to think more about the correct application of GD&T to their actual parts. The second advantage is cost. The on-site package is usually less expensive as compared to individual tuitions at a public course, although there is a threshold number (usually around 5 or 6 people) needed to make the savings apparent. If you are considering any type of GD&T...

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