Tolerance Stacks

After learning the GD&T concepts, many participants find that they need a methodical way of adding these tolerances into an overall stack-up analysis. The 2-day Tolerance Stacks program is designed for engineers and others who work with stacks.

While there is no standard way to do stacks, a spreadsheet method is introduced which allows for both traditional plus/minus tolerances as well as geometric tolerances. We even teach how to handle the MMC “bonus” and “shift” tolerances, which are sometimes ignored, even in “worst-case” stacks.

Topic list:

  • What are tolerance stacks?
  • Review of GD&T
  • Calculating the virtual condition
  • Introduction to the stack form
  • How to identify the stack path
  • Entering traditional tolerances on the stack form for a part
  • Entering traditional tolerances on the form for an assembly
  • How to handle stacks with runout and concentricity
  • How to handle stacks with profile and position
  • MMC bonus tolerance in the stack
  • Shift tolerance in the stack
  • How to handle stacks with form and orientation
  • Statistical stacks—root-sum-square (RSS) formula
  • Variations of the RSS formula

This course can be made available for your entire group, and can be customized based on your needs and time constraints.

For a more detailed course outline and pricing information, contact us.

Occasionally we offer this class as a “public” seminar, which is ideal for individuals or companies that do not have enough participants to host an on-site class. If this might interest you, contact us to ask about upcoming dates and locations.