The explanation of bonus tolerance and datum shift was exactly what I was looking for and it’s going to be a HUGE help for me to help others understand GD&T standards.  I can’t thank you enough for the great explanation and the break down of how and why.

I recommend this class to any company that has a group of employees who regularly use prints. The knowledge from this GD&T course can help create engineering design standards, improve inspection techniques, and increase production quality.

Thanks for the GD&T/Tolerance Stack training! Our whole team team found the class to be helpful and informative. The hands-on exercises were well received and allowed a further understanding to the lecture material.

The training that John-Paul provided has corrected many issues regarding GD&T, not only within our engineering department, but throughout the company. Our new understanding of the standard allows us to better communicate with our customers regarding their requirements. John-Paul formatted the training material specifically to our designs, and since the training he has reviewed our drawings on multiple occasions to answer questions regarding the GD&T. He is a valuable resource!

This is one of the best classes I’ve ever taken! The material is relevant and the instructor made the class interesting. The training was clearly presented and well organized.